A Quality Gluten Free Milling Partner You Can Depend on Now and In the Future

COVID-19 shined a spotlight on the labor gap that continues to grow in agriculture, food production and manufacturing. At the 2020 Kansas Ag Growth Summit, presenters “identified a critical need for an agricultural workforce able and willing to meet the skilled labor demand.” 

“Flour millers globally saw a rapid increase in demand as quarantine and shelter-in-place orders worldwide panicked consumers who started stockpiling flour and other grain-based foods,” says World Grain. Even manufacturers producing standard grains felt the strain, but those marketing specialized, customized blends – the type of blends that require real expertise to produce – often succeeded or failed based on the strength of their milling partner. 

Deloitte estimates the manufacturing labor shortage will reach 2.4 million by 2028, a gap that will not “be solved by a sudden influx of employees after COVID-19 restrictions are eased,” says Forbes

Coupled with the already rapidly-growing labor shortage in the US, specifically in the agriculture market, manufacturers need quality partners staffed by skilled workers they can count on. 

Finding a mill staffed by workers with the experience to create the blend you need while following the stringent USDA grain handling practices is a challenge in itself. Finding one with a truly allergen-friendly facility is even more difficult. And finding a partner with true expertise in blending – the flavor and texture properties of various grains, which blends are appropriate for which uses, and how the absence of gluten affects the strength of a proprietary blended grain product – can feel downright impossible. 

Until you talk to the team at Firebird Artisan Mills. 

Firebird supports food manufacturers by providing standard or customized blends of gluten-free, conventional or organic, allergen-friendly specialty grains and pulse with an unmatched degree of quality. 

Here are just some of the advantages that set Firebird apart: 

  • Our 36,000 square-foot facility is completely gluten-free and allergen-friendly. We do not handle or process gluten or any of the top eight allergens anywhere within our plant at any time.
  • Expert staff, rigorous quality control of risk assessment, inbound and outbound testing, and proven processes combine to justify the trust customers and partners place in our team every day.
  • We provide a one-stop-shop to mill and blend in one dedicated BRC AA-rated facility with top-notch quality control.
  • Our expert team will work with you to advise on a turnkey mill solution or customized blend, all the way from ingredient sourcing to packaging.
  • We purchase and warehouse an expansive supply of minor ingredients and starch ingredients as well as provide the option to include specific customer-provided ingredients.
  • Our plant has the unique ability to produce a truckload of proprietary blend per day.
  • We offer package options ranging from 25 and 50 lb. bags all the way to 2000 lb. totes and supersacks.
  • With Firebird, you can customize your blend formula under a non-disclosure agreement. 
  • Our process flow and equipment ensure safety and quality from start to finish.
  • We make your mill experience easy. One call, one invoice, one shipment and consolidated suppliers with one blend to source your multiple specialty grains and pulses.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and identify the best solution for you to take to market. Contact us at 701-324-4330 or – our team can’t wait to get to know you. 

Growing Alabama Bakery Trusts Firebird Artisan Mills to Help Them Do What They Do Best: Excellent Service to Gluten-Free Customers

Firebird Artisan Mills works with a wide variety of customers, and our passion is helping to solve their problems when it comes to gluten-free products.

That’s why we were excited when we met the Mason Dixon Bakery, a rapidly-growing gluten-free business in Alabama. Owners Ashley and Taylor Ramirez have high standards for their customers and a commitment to serving their gluten-free community.

Mason Dixon logo“When I first spoke with Taylor and Ashley, their passion for the gluten-free industry was apparent,” said Firebird’s Zak Matthews. “We jumped right in to identify where they were expanding and how Firebird could help them streamline their processes. As we talked about ways to help them save time and money was pre-blending their recipes.

“Our closed-loop system ensures 100% safety for customers,” Zak explained. “It allows us to deliver a recipe-ready mix to Mason Dixon. It streamlines their processes and gives them freedom to focus on what they do best.” This solution was a natural fit.

Taylor replied, “Working with Firebird helps our business. Having them blend ingredients allows our bakers to bake instead of ordering pallets of numerous flours and having to spend time mixing. The bakers can now purchase the end mix and spend their time baking the finished product.”

“Our Firebird experience has been great,” Taylor added. “They are very responsive and we can always get in touch. The customer service has been stellar. With a few different options in the flour market, you have to be able to differentiate yourself from competitors with excellent customer service and Firebird did just that.”

Investigation, service, and an understanding of quality and business integrity has forged a great partnership between Firebird and Mason Dixon. Firebird Artisan Mills looks forward to many more projects with the Mason Dixon Bakery and continuously growing the relationship between the two companies.

Everyone needs a partner they can trust to help evaluate their business. We’d like to be yours. Contact us today at  if you are looking to streamline your processes.