Sunflower Flour: An Affordable, Allergen-free Alternative to Almond Flour

Over the past few years, almond products have gone mainstream. Almond milk is a staple at coffeeshops country-wide, and almond flour has become popular in gluten-free and grain-free cooking and baking, leading bakeries and food manufacturers to rely heavily on it for these applications.

But there are two major downsides to almond flour – its prevalence as an allergen and its comparatively high cost.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to almond flour … and it isn’t just an adequate replacement, it’s better. It’s sunflower flour. 

Sunflower flour is emerging as an allergen-friendly, lower-cost alternative to almond flour and other gluten-free, grain-free options. It is also readily available and works well as a 1-1 replacement for wheat flour in most recipes. Again, it is a better replacement than almond flour, primarily due to its finer particle size and mild taste. Whereas almond flour is typically 10-16 mesh with a soft, gritty texture, sunflower flour is 20 mesh, which gives it a finer, smoother texture that blends well with other ingredients. 

Firebird’s plant is a dedicated gluten-free, allergen-friendly facility where we do not process any of the top eight allergens

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