Particle Size Matters in Baking Applications

For as much discussion as there is about getting the right flour mix for the right application, there could be as much discussion about particle size and its importance to a recipe’s performance. Just as you wouldn’t use a cake mix as the base for a pizza crust formulation, applications that need a more elastic dough and lighter texture call for a flour with a smaller particle size.

In wheat-based flours, gluten serves four functions: binding, structure, elasticity and water absorption. Other protein molecules within the wheat itself act as a natural boost to the gluten and help facilitate each of these functions. When gluten proteins interact with water, that creates an elastic dough that typically reacts well to leavening agents and yields a uniformly light, fluffy baked product.

Poor water absorption by gluten-free flours of the past have delivered flat, dense products with a sandy texture. For some bakers, adding liquid, supplementing starch or gum in the mix and providing additional resting time for the dough solves the issue. But for many, these accommodations aren’t enough.

Reducing granulation size creates additional surface space on the grain particle, which allows more water to interact with the natural proteins of gluten-free grains. If you use a coarsely ground flour with a recipe intended to produce a delicate cake, you will likely not get the results you want, particularly if your flour has a high protein content. Flours with higher protein content will absorb more water, so a fine flour with a high protein content needs additional liquid in the recipe.

When you’re looking for a super-fine ground flour, Firebird’s talcum-like super-fine granulation gives you a blend that delivers texture without the grit. Try a sample for yourself, and call us with any questions.

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