ancient grains

Looking Ahead to Ancient Grains

In the past year, more than 250 new foods launched with an ancient grain ingredient. How and why are product manufacturers exploring this growing consumer interest in ancient grains? Firebird’s Vice President of Sales, Mike Hallman, weighs in on consumer trends and the value ancient grains bring manufacturers’ expanding product line. What Are Ancient Grains? […]


Reviving Bread

Consumer backlash against enriched bread products has bakers scratching their heads: How did the number one driver of grocery store visits become a villain? A recent round-table discussion at IBA in Munich brought the American Bakers Association’s Robb Mackie, Brian Dwyer of Kroger, and Corbion’s Mark Hotze together to discuss this very question. Part of […]


News Brief: Tariffs on Buckwheat

As of October 15, buckwheat imported from China now has a 10% tariff imposed. On January 1, 2019, this will increase to a 25% tariff. Unfortunately, our sourcing experts expect this to have an inflationary effect on domestic buckwheat as well. Firebird is committed to finding not only the best possible sources for buckwheat for […]

Consumers Like Snacks How Much?

It is no surprise that consumers enjoy a good salty snack. But did you know the US salty snack market segment is on track to reach nearly $30 billion annual sales by 2022? And it’s not just salty snacks that’s on the rise; the snack food industry as a whole is growing due to the […]

How do Consumers Define “Clean” When it Comes to Food Labels?

“Clean” is a word that has been used for a while to describe food labels. When manufacturers are looking for ingredients to fit the “clean” bill, they often come to Firebird. But what exactly does that word mean to consumers? Mary Ellen Shoup of FoodNavigator recently sat down with Stephanie Mattuci, Global Food Science Analyst at Mintel, to discuss the research group’s latest findings.
Read the piece here. If it’s a clean label-ready flour or mix you need, reach out to Firebird and let’s get started.