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Lasting Trends in the Gluten-Free Market

Due to a growing market for gluten-free foods and the purchasing savviness of the gluten-free consumer, brands are utilizing a progressive approach to create and keep up with trends in the gluten-free space. A variety of new product lines are developing regularly and marketed to this unique market. New gluten-free products include sectors of foods, such as pre-packaged snacks, as well as gluten-free ingredients, such a coconut flour. Below are a few of the lasting trends we have been tracking in the Gluten-Free market.

Customized Baking Blends

A trend in gluten-free, which is here to stay based on steady consumer demand, is customized baking blends. Firebird Mills is progressive in fulfilling this need – at Firebird Mills, we offer Custom Gluten-Free Mixes that retailers can request based on their specific need. This creates an added attentiveness to consumer demand and convenience for purchase to the individual consumer.

Use of Quinoa, Black Bean & Sweet Sorghum Flour

One popular gluten-free trend that does not seem to be going anywhere is pasta noodles made from quinoa flour and black bean flour. Firebird Mills proudly offers both of these flours, and a customized mix of the two is available upon request.

Sweet sorghum flour, also one of Firebird Mills high quality flour products, is rising in popularity due to its powerhouse of nutritional properties, and flavor that it adds to gluten-free baking. It is versatile in its use and provides the texture, taste and nutrition that is so frequently sought-after in the gluten-free community.

Add-ons in Baked Goods

Another popular trend in the gluten-free community is using add-ons in baked goods, such as chia seeds and flaxseeds for better nutrition and texture. By providing the variety of flours that are most popular for baking, as well as Gluten-Free quick breads and cakes mixes, cookies, and all-purpose blends, Firebird Mills makes baking solutions easy and convenient. By providing a particularly-purposed flour mix, consumers have the added convenience of simpler baking recipes, and the added luxury of adding nutritional ingredients to their 3-step pizza pie recipe. Some popular baking mixes Firebird Mills offers include: pizza crusts, pie crusts, cup for cup baking blends, muffins, waffles and more.

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