Firebird Artisan Mills Partnership is Part of Bakery’s Recipe for Success

MyBread Gluten Free Bakery was a small shop in 2013, a one-man artisanal bakery with a singular vision: to provide a delicious, versatile, gluten-free bread alternative.

In 2011, founder Dan Gallagher and his mom refined a recipe for a gluten-free flatbread that celiac sufferers could use for anything from pizza to sandwich buns.

That’s where his relationship with Firebird Artisan Mills Director of sales Chris Krenzel came in. “I was baking in the evening and selling in the morning, trying to get off the ground, and Chris was extremely supportive from the beginning,” Gallagher said. “His industry knowledge, from pricing to blending to sourcing, made a huge difference for me as a small business owner.”

At the outset, MyBread sourced 10 to 12 bags of flour through Firebird and blended onsite. As the business grew and Gallagher had more orders to fill, he began ordering by the pallet. Then he learned that Firebird is a full-service mill with custom blending, retail and bulk packaging capabilities.

“Chris showed me how Firebird could help with custom blending – ultimately saving time and cost, and keeping the product consistent. Everybody says they want to partner,” he added. “But Firebird truly is a phenomenal strategic partner. Their safety and operations standards, their response times – everyone on the team makes you feel like your success is their priority.”

MyBread’s success is even more important because, as the company continues to grow, Gallagher actively gives back to the Chicago community. MyBread participates in the Empowerment program, a work-rehabilitation opportunity for nonviolent, nonsexual offenders.

“I think when we have the chance to help people, give them another chance to succeed, that’s the right thing to do,” Gallagher said. “We’ve seen a lot of success with it, and I’m glad to be in a position to create jobs and training in the city.”

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